Thursday, January 29, 2015

Correction From Editor To Post Regarding Celebration

Sometimes we make mistakes. We apologize for our recent error.

We recently placed the wrong caption with the wrong photo in a blog post.

Thanks to the person for bringing this to our attention. We truly appreciate that!

A correction has been made to the post.

Souper Bowl Food for Homeless Street Youth 2015

The big NFL championship has been associated with helping food pantries across this country for some years. Join our fun by donating to help provide great meals for our clients and leave a message indicating which team you want to win Sunday! We’ll keep score and see if your results predict the big outcome! Your donation will fund extras for our lunches over Bible study, prayer circles and check-ins on the street with the 100 individuals we serve weekly. 

Our wonderful volunteers already provide vegetable soup, roasted vegetables and bare sandwiches weekly, so your donations will elevate our meal above the basics:
  • drink flavorings to add a little fun to water,
  • condiments to customize a special sandwich,
  • stew meat for the soup pot,
  • packaged chips for when we’re offering to-go lunches outside.

We also use these funds to purchase supplies for sandwiches when one of our fabulous volunteers isn't available or when a volunteer wants to help but cost is an issue for them.

For every donation of $5, we can brighten a week of water with drink flavorings. $25 buys individual chip packages for a month of street lunch. $50 purchases lunch meat and cheese for a week of sandwiches.



Street Youth Ministry serves about 100 street youth every week and meets about 350 new clients every year. We provide safe places to obtain basic needs and engage our clients wherever they are in their journey. Together we explore relevant issues including family, physical and mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and life goals. We are faith-based but open to all.  

Half our clients are between 17 and 25; all are homeless. We also provide textbooks for those who go on to college, and we have many doing so! You may learn much more about us by visiting

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Should We Celebrate?

We asked one of our work-from-home volunteers to talk with some of our recovering clients and write an article for the newsletter.

Alexander Kao, from New York, volunteers remotely for Street Youth Ministry (SYM). Here is what Alex shared on the subject of celebration, as seen through the eyes of SYM clients.

One might argue that the greatest celebration of all time will occur when Jesus comes back for a second time. But, I would propose that we need to celebrate small things just as much. The greatest celebration might be when a child got straight A's. Or, when a baby was born. Or, when a child read his first book.

We could consider celebrating more than what might be considered normal. You have a dad? Celebrate by thanking God. Have a penny? Wear clothes? Celebrate! It is great to celebrate the Advent. However, do not forget that you can celebrate almost everything in life with zeal.

Congrats David! We are proud of you!
What can other people celebrate? I interviewed David Doyle, a recovering client from SYM, and he has a lot that he can celebrate.  David was homeless. He was living in squats (abandoned sites), the woods, and under bridges for about 5 years. Working with social workers, he got his GED. Then he got a job. Because of what happened to him, he found housing. He applied for financial aid and was accepted to community college. (Supporters of SYM helped provide college textbooks for David.)

David did well, making straight A's. He applied to UT and was accepted.  Now, he has completed at least 111 hours in college towards his degree in Physics!

David can celebrate the positive things that have happened in his life. He's worked hard to accomplish a lot. However, he can also celebrate the negative things that have happened in his life. He can even celebrate that he was homeless! It's part of his life and his story.

What's in your life, your story, that needs to be celebrated?

Blog post author, Alex, is a member of our work-from-home Action Team. You can join the Street Youth Ministry action team at You can view items needed to be done at