Sep 20, 2008

A New Beginning

I am making a new beginning. I am a forty something year old man who is leaving a high tech career and to work with youth who live on the street. I suppose you could call this transition my midlife transition. However, I am excited.

I am leaving high tech career of 25 years to serve the homeless youth of Austin, Texas. I have been doing this as a volunteer for 5 years but the time has come to do this full time. I have the loving support of my family and a large church community so I do not start this journey alone. I do not know what lies ahead exactly, but I am very excited.

What I hope to discuss in future postings:
Questions I get asked frequently that I will try to address in future posts:
If you have other questions, feel free to add comments and I'll try to address them.

Meaty subject from social work:
  • What causes homelessness in youth?
  • Why don't programs work to make this better?
  • How long does it take to get better?
  • Harm reduction theory
  • Theory of personal change
I'm not an expert in these subjects, but I am getting daily practial and academic training from my fellow social workers. I am a volutneer intern / adjust staff member working under the supervision of several licensed masters social workers who provide support services to several hundred street youth every year.

Meaty subjects from Christian world view that I plan for future postings:
  • Why don't they come to church?
  • What do they hate Christianity?
  • What can my church do?
If you have other question, feel free to post them. I am a Christian. I study my bible daily. I am a member of a thriving church community. I serve homeless people daily with three other missionaries. I am an intern misisonary on their team. I get practical training and instruction daily. I am also on a mission board of a local church.

A look back:
  • How did this all start for me?
  • What did I leave high tech? Surely I could do more good making money and giving it to the poor?
  • Why do I believe in direct support services?
  • Why do I believe in evanglizing?
  • Why do I believe in harm reduction?
  • Why do I believe in community education?
  • Why do I believe we need more advocacy with government bodies?
  • How do I support myself?
  • Was this an easy decision? Why did it take 5 years to do this?
  • What does my family think of my decision?
God has opened many doors for me in the past 5 to 8 years. He has closed many, too. Every person's journey into sacrificial service is personal and unique. I have had many mentors and advisors along the way. I owe much of my sanity and sense of peace to them.