Jul 5, 2009

Fun Free Things to do in Austin

This week I'm releasing a little booklet that I have made that lists free and safe activities to do in Austin. I made this to help out my street youth friends, but I think it is just as useful to all my readers and friends in Austin. I call it "Get unBored!"

Also, it uses a simple technique to make an 8 page sturdy booklet form a single piece of paper. You make one cut and fold it up--very easy. I use this format in my ministry all the time to help people make day planners, address books, wish lists, budgets, etc.

Download the July edition of "Get unBored" and make yours. I'd love to get feedback on other things to include. Please leave your comments and suggestions for August on the comment page. The things listed must be completely free and available to the public as well as be reasonably safe. It is OK if a donation is requested, but it cannot be mandatory. (This is the case for a couple of museums listed.)