Mar 3, 2011

Praying for Street Youth

Here are some frequently requested items that you can include in prayer. These are quotes from one or more street youth from our weekly events of prayer time, Bible study, or fellowship dinner.

  • For motivation to stick to planned changes
  • For good rest
  • For restoration of health
  • For generous people to provide money, food, work clothes, and other needed items
  • To feel a part of society
  • For stable boyfriends and girlfriends who love them
  • To find a job that gives me a chance even though I have poor employment history
  • To find a place to live that accommodates my legal history
  • For and end to the slavery of addiction
  • For an end to the fear and paranoia of mental health issues
  • For stability of housing
  • For supportive friends and family

Don't try to pray all these things. Choose one or two that stand out to you. Here are four steps to guide you:
  1. Ask God to act today in the lives of street youth as relates to the item you choose. A example from a street youth: "I want God to act in my life today to end my fears and paranoia, to set me free." 
  2. Think of scriptures that remind you of this topic and pray them. "We know that we are all slaves to either You or sin. Lord, I pray that these street youth come to know You and can submit their lives to you rather than continue to be slaves of worldly things." 
  3. Thank God for the changes that take place 5 years from now. An example from one street youth: "I thank God 5 years from now for how he has provided me a wife and a family and a stable job." 
  4. If you really want to stretch, thank God for really big things 25 years from now. Another example from a street youth: "I thank God that 25 years from now each of my grandchildren know Jesus and love Him."

If you want to pray specifically with Street Youth Ministry clients, please contact us. We email a monthly prayer list that is more specific.

-- Terry


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