Jun 24, 2011

So Blessed!

I just finished a day that was just wonderful. Here are some views in brief. Keep in mind that all this is just today!

Family blessings
  • Heard through FaceBook from elder daughter, who's safe in Honduras having a great time.
  • Younger daughter is having a teenage party tonight and it sounds very happy and fun.
  • Wife and I are having a very relaxed summer together, eating lunch together almost every day. Today was a nice pork-salad sandwich.

Ministry Blessings
  • Taught my intern class this morning. The interns learned more about street youth and how to deescalate unnecessary conflict.
  • Met with my pastor this morning and we celebrated an intern the church is providing to the ministry and a grant that was approved and will be announced July 1 to help support the program.
  • Received a donated set of dominoes in the mail from someone I don't even recognize after posting this on FaceBook a couple of weeks ago.
  • Received 30 sandwiches and snacks from a volunteer today, all ready to go. This volunteer chooses to spend his time helping. He has a terminal disease. He shared this with the street youth at an event with tears streaming down his cheeks.
  • Received lots of books to give to bored street youth after requesting them just this week.
  • Was met by NINE volunteer helpers today on outreach. We served more than 30 people tonight together.
  • Was able to teach the volunteers about the ministry and the street youth tonight at the end of outreach.
  • Used a new ice chest with wheels that showed up just as our previous one gave up the ghost. It was listed on our needs list for several months but it showed up just when the other once broke hopelessly.
  • Got two groups to sign up today for a Wash Day service project in June.

Client Blessings
  • Was told by a pregnant client that our "Get unBored" booklet with schedule of ministry events was very helpful to her
  • Met a client who's been stable, sober Christian and connected with church community now for 24 months this June. He shared his story with the volunteers. I never tire of hearing how God throws people line. They just need to grab hold!
  • Deescalated a major conflict a client wanted to have with me. Was able to hear him, move the conversation to a better place, and he ended up praying for the ministry after being heard.
  • Counseled a client who is trying to kick heroin. He's hurting. He's dreaming. I asked, "How can I help?" He said, "Motivate me. Kick me in the butt. Pray with me." He led the prayer for the first time. He agreed to make some hard decision. Then he sat down on the curb and cried. I believe he will make the changes... him and Jesus.
  • Talked with a client who wants to get clean again and go into tattoo business. He was even concerned with whether this would be a God-honoring profession. He wanted to discuss the Leviticus passage on tattoos.
  • Talked with a client who continues to use music as a therapy. He plays a guitar donated by supporters every day.
  • Talked with a client who is kicking heroin. He asked for books by two specific authors. Both were in the bags of books I received today and distributed.
  • Talked with a client who is clean from heroin for a few weeks but has been lost in idleness. Found him today begging on the side of the road trying to get enough money to start buying his medicine, getting a but ticket to go home, and start making something of himself again. He looks so much happier now that he's up and moving again.
  • Ran into a client who's stable, sober, God-fearing and surrounding himself with Christian community. The first and last are under attack by some decisions he's making as well as from the outside. Was able to give him a tent and backpack to help him stay in a safe place. Was able to remind his of the important of seeking out Christian community as a source of strength.
-- Terry

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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