Oct 5, 2011

Dramatic Relief of the Empty Tomb

Each week we hold an event for street-dependent young people in Austin called Chillin'. It includes a fellowship meal, Bible study, and prayer time. We have now taught each of the synoptic Gospels in two years of Bible study. Each week, we search for new and engaging ways to bring the Gospel to people who have long ago shut tightly the doors to church in their life. Street youth as a general rule are very disappointed in their experience of church. We always create a safe place where anyone can encounter the Word for themselves. We offer help in understanding but don't insist on any particular interpretation in our study. This has allowed all sorts of people to come to our event and feel welcome. We often use humour, games, discussion, and videos.
This past week, we asked our participants to act out in modern day some application of the Gospel found in Luke 24 1-12, the empty tomb scene. They made their own story lines. Here is what our two fantastic groups gave us:
Women's Group:
Two street youth are on their way to a camp of a homeless friend. They are taking beer and pot. They arrive and find the squat empty. "Where is our friend. She is always here. She is homeless and we can always count on her to be here! What has happened? How can this be?" Suddenly an angel appears, "Your friend is not here! She is no longer homeless. She is doing great. And you can find a home and do great, too!" The two friends abandoned their booze and pot and began to search for their friend!
Men's Group:
A drug dealer of the future is roaming the street of Austin looking for a buyer. He is selling some new-fangled type of crack, and it's the size of a bar of soap! A buyer come near, looking to score. They negotiate the price... 10,000 new something or anothers -- some type of new dollars used on the street. Suddenly an angel appears and asks: "Why do you look in this low place for a high? It isn't here! You can get high on something that's free and never want this stuff again! You don't have to stay in this low place anymore!" The street youth threw away his drugs and began to seek this new substance.

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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