Mar 23, 2012

A Loving Church Response

SYM is not a church.


We work with young people, many of whom have literally shut the door on church and even figuratively nailed the door shut!  Almost all have had church experiences; few are "unchurched."  Many have vowed never to set food in a church again. But we manage in our own special ways to open that door--slowly at first.  When someone is ready to do deeper into Christian faith, we invite them into relationship with partner churches for discipleship, worship, small groups, and fellowship. We try to make sure everything goes well and smoothly. We work with both sides to set and manage expectations and boundaries. We arrange for people to meet and greet our clients and to give them a personal welcome. It takes courage and commitment on both sides.


Our clients are usually very receptive. Occasionally things don't get well. Hear me--nothing dangerous happens, but one or the other party is uncomfortable. This recently happened at one of the churches we work with. The client exhibited a certain behavior and the church became very uncomfortable. However, that church reached out with love. The client is now invited to personal 1:1 counseling with the pastor. And the client is not shunned, even though he is unable to attend the events unaccompanied. I know that God is building an even deeper relationship and stronger bridge that I ever imagined.


Do you have an example of how God has worked in your life?  Support our work to assist these young people in finding God.


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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