May 12, 2012

Light Bulb Moment

Help is not always simple.


One of our board members had a light bulb moment the other day. In something fairly unrelated to Street Youth Ministry, he found himself face to face with a 26 year old homeless youth. It was an informal church setting. After worship, the board member invited the youth to go eat out. During dinner, he listened to the young man describe the multiple steps that led to street-dependency: losing support of family, losing job, losing apartment, losing car, losing all belongs, losing his ID, etc. It's a slow slide that doesn't happen overnight.


Then the board member listened to the young man (who doesn't currently receive SYM services) describe what his life is like now. He still wants all the things he lost... including a job. But now in order to survive, he spends all his time in lines or moving wherever the next line is. For food, for shelter, for bus passes, for help with ID, for job training or referrals. There isn't any time or energy left over. The young man feels so hopeless.


The light bulb moment for the board member came when he saw that help isn't always help. It's not so simple. I like to say, "it took a hundred steps to get into this situation and it might take a hundred to get out, but I know you can do it! And it matters!"


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