Jun 9, 2012

SYM Volunteer Story

I have been volunteering with SYM for about a year and a half now, but last Friday was especially important as it took me to yet a deeper understanding of what life is like living on the street . In one square block I witnessed a dependent youth's backpack being stolen (by someone who was not street dependent). Everything he owned was probably in that pack. I witnessed ambulances and police responding to a street fight involving two of our clients. 


I participated in a youth leadership project which involved dancing in the Renaissance Market on the Drag. In the end, this leadership group danced with SYM volunteers AND street dependent youth. One street youth said "I usually don't get involved in this type of stuff, but it is important to these kids so I will do it." I realized that life on the street is a battle every day and yet these street dependent youth still give of themselves to those that may not understand them. It is these times , good and bad, that I experience God. Bless these kids and their struggle to make it through just one day at a time. 


Join us as a volunteer.


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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