Jul 27, 2012

Why I Give

I recently received a thank you card from your organization for a donation I made. You indicated in your note that you were interested in my connection to the ministry. My son is a street youth in Austin and liked your Facebook page, which led me to your organization. My donation was made in order to help my son, or someone else's son or daughter, as they struggle with being homeless and in need.


I am impressed with your organization's mission and the ministry that you do. For several years, I worked for an organization that provides transitional housing and services to women and their children, along with a food pantry, clothing assistance, and other services to those in need in my community. I understand the needs of your organization as you try to serve those in need. Next time I get to Austin, I hope to volunteer with the Street Youth Ministry organization for a few days.


Today I made another donation to your ministry. I hope to continue contributing to your wonderful organization.


Tell us why you give?

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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