Aug 21, 2012

College Textbooks

I've been privileged to deliver college textbooks lately as this semester begins. We have

five clients in school right now, i.e., used to live on the streets and now attending college!  We don't claim their success, but they are changing their lives for sure and we are delighted to encourage and invest in them.


I delivered a Calculus textbook this evening. The student was giddy just to get it. It was a $300 book, more than his rent. It was brand new and shrink-wrapped. He smiled and and was just about to pop: "I've never had a new textbook before." He's so looking forward to the challenge of a three semester Calculus course! He shared that he's been reading "Calculus for Dummies" to get ready! His three semester course is actually the same course series and using an updated version of the same book that I studied from 25 years ago when I got my engineering degree! I explained that the book was his, no strings attached. We expect him to work hard, take the class and then use the book for his best benefit. We believe it's good for him to sell the books smartly and use the funds to buy additional textbooks for the following semester. We'll help more but hope all our students will be able to do more and more for themselves over time.


SYM is in the business of our seeing lives transformed. Our mission is to know, love and serve them. We pray for their stability, sobriety, connection to God, and connection to Christian community. It's so much fun to see what happens as they blossom.


If you want to help out, our book fund is now at zero again. We could use donations to replenish it!  What a difference an education will make in their confidence, their stability and their own ability to shape the world around them! Donate.


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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