Sep 18, 2012

A Gangster Church Imagined

Today in Bible study, one of my clients with gang experience described a church that he's like to start. It would be for gangsters. It would be relevant and attractive to them. He would serve real wine, and Oreos. Talk would be straight. And they would dance a lot. I asked lots of questions and learned these things would still be present:

  • Worship. They would dance a lot for worship and praise to God.
  • Discipleship. They would stay true to the Bible and to Jesus. They would take a strong hand with one another in discipleship and accepting the truth.
  • Fellowship. They would gather together. They wouldn't pay anyone to lead the church. It would all be volunteers and they would share like in Acts 2 what they needed with one another.
  • Evangelism.  They would do outreach in their turf and to other gangs. They would translate the bible into gangster talk so it would be easier.
  • Service. They would serve homeless people, drug addicts and people down on their luck with food. They could stay in their church. But they wouldn't give them drugs or liquor.

It was fascinating to hear about the church they would build!

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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