May 2, 2013

New Women's Group

Obviously, Terry is a guy. That means that our girls pretty much never get a "girls-only" group. Two volunteer recently agreed to host a women's group on Friday afternoon at 2pm. It's not always easy to get things started, but after a month we now have a regular group going. Each week they meet at the Wesley House at 2pm on Friday. They make a snack together (often baking) and then do a craft or watch some video. Open girl-talk is the backdrop for the entire activity. It's designed to be a Christian witness and support to our female clients. About 25% of our clients are women.

Here is the volunteer's thoughts on this most recent group during Holy Week:

The Women's Group on Friday had the work of the Holy Spirit written all over it! I had a few extra minutes to go onto the Drag and ask the women who were there if they would join me in about an hour for the Women's Group. None of them had already planned on going because they forgot about it, so the extra reminder was just what we needed! Every woman I talked to came to the event. We spent the first thirty minutes just talking and asking for prayers. It was wonderful-we actually had to interrupt so we could get the activity started. We split up and three girls helped make the delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, while the other three began shaping clay. After the cookies went into the oven, the other three joined the table and the next hour and a half was spent talking openly and kindly. Every one of the women commented on the fact that they had really been needing this girl time and we even created ideas for the weeks to come. The women connected not only with the volunteers, but also with each other!- A somewhat rare occurrence. I cannot wait to see how the Holy Spirit will continue to bring healing and restoration every week. We will be open to the way God wants to take this weekly meeting. 

If you want to sponsor the activities or expenses of our girl's group, just let us know! Donate to help with this ministry or one of our others.

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