Nov 26, 2013

Oh-crap! Psalms

The street youths asked that we study the Old Testament at the first meeting of our rebooted Bible study. FYI, we meet every Tuesday at 11am at the Congregational Church (greeters to set-up and serve our lunch buffet are ALWAYS needed and welcomed at

We recently received a bunch of camouflage jacketed Bibles to give. On the front of the Bible it lists 5 Psalms. The clients noticed this, so we have been studying them. We have come to call them the "Oh-crap! Psalms" because they are wonderful prayers for times of serious trouble.

This week, we read and talked through Psalm 46. As a way of making sure we understand it, we rewrote it in terms you would hear in the alleys and sidewalks of our mission territory where your young street-dependent client frequents.

So, here is the street youth version of Psalm 46:

God uplifts me and is what keeps me going.

God reinforces my will power and keeps me out of harms way.

He’s not far when I call.

I may not know what’s going to happen, but God always sees me through.

Everything changes, and I will hold on through the worst ups and downs.

I praise God even in the crappiest of times, I will hang in there, it will be alright.

Stuff happens, but he can overcome it all.

He can do what he wants, he’s that powerful.

But he uses his power for good.

Take a breath, let God be God.