Dec 27, 2014

2013 Highlights in Review

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #10 Improved Bible Study

We moved our Bible study to a new venue at Congregational Church of Austin. The atmosphere is very relaxed and our fellowship has led to great Bible studies this fall. You can sponsor a meal or volunteer to serve the meal

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #9 Clients Giving Back

This has been a year when many clients who have successfully transitioned from the street to stable living situations have contacted us to give back, sometimes sending hard to find clothing items, sometimes donating financially, and sometimes volunteering. You can help us find needed items, too!
A recovering client now doing well ordered this large-sized shirt on ebay, paid by paypal and had it shipped to us for a client still on the street.

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #8 Girls Group

Female clients told us they needed a girl-only group. We listened and were able to found a girls only Bible study on Friday afternoons, led by UT college students. This was a much needed event for our girls (25% of our clients). (We need new volunteer leaders to continue in 2014!) We train lay-leaders for all our events!

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #7 Careful Growth

We've been carefully expanding client services, volunteer engagement, and partnerships. To make that possible, we successfully brought in a contract administrative assistant who helps make sure we serve all our clients, supporters, volunteers and followers well. Stephanie also designs awesome graphics like this one! We heavily rely on creative self-starter volunteers for our Action Team, too!
We grow carefully, hiring only to leverage the power of the local church to help our clients!

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #6 SYM Thanksgiving Service

We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with a number of clients, supporters, and followers at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Supporters led the service and clients provided the readings. We are always seeking additional church partners!

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #5 Fresh Food

Our clients asked for fresh food. We began by purchasing it with designated funds but eventually found a weekly source of bread and produce from Wheatsville Coop, a local organic grocery! Volunteers now gather every Saturday to process the food for our Monday and Tuesday events!

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #4 "Turkey Grab" for Housed Clients

We had the privilege of helping a church partner give eight turkey dinners with all the fixings to clients who have transitioned to housing. It was awesome to honor their achievements and hard work in this way! Church partners really make a difference at SYM!

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #3 Christmas Party Success!

This year we had an exceptional party. It was hosted by All Saints' Episcopal. The food was provided by Daughters of the King. And the activities were planned by Callen and Steven. Thirty-seven volunteers helped welcome more 50 clients, demonstrating our ministry motto: to know, love and serve!

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #2 College Students!

We had a client graduate from ACC from year social work program. And we had a client transfer from ACC to the University of Texas physics program. Both received textbook support from the ministry.

2013 SYM Top Ministry Moment #1 Clients Sharing Faith

This year we had a record number of clients write us about how their faith has grown. And, amazingly, this fall we had five clients actively and intentionally sharing their faith with other clients. Steven delivered our Christmas party sermon, focusing on the need for love and how "I'm not got going to beat you over the head, but Jesus worked for me!" Please join our prayer team to help celebrate our clients' achievements!