Jan 15, 2015

Food Recovery Saturday Volunteers

Food Recovery Driver

Each Saturday we pickup food to be used in the ministry during the week from the South Wheatsville Co-op grocery store. Because there is some training required we ask that you sign-up for at least 4 weeks. The food can be transported in a pickup, SUV or empty trunk of a mid-sized car. The food is delivered to the basement of the Congregational Church.

Food Recovery Helper

 Each Saturday we gather in the kitchen of a church on the Drag to process about 150 pounds of food donated by Wheatsville Co-op from their composting program. It's a fun time filled with chopping, chatting and listening to music, all the while providing some of the healthiest and freshest food our clients will eat all week! We need about 6 people to help unload the truck, sort the produce, chop fruits and veggies, cook simple preparations (soups, casseroles, salads), package the finished food and load it into our refrigerators/ freezer, and help with cleanup. Clients eat this food throughout the week. This is a fun and relaxing time! This is a great small group activity, too! 

Food Recovery Co-Leader

You will be a co-leader at our Food Recovery event. You'll greet the group, get them sorting, make sure they are all signed in, watch the time so we start clean-up on time, and help debrief the group when it's done. You'll co-lead with Terry at least twice before co-leading with another co-leader.

Want the same job every week?

Contact us. We can sign you up automatically.

What if you're not sure?

We do spend time filling critical spots 1 and 2 weeks ahead of time, so by signing up in advance, you really help us be more efficient with our time! We understand plans change and are very happy to cancel 48 hours before the event, so please sign-up if you want to attend.

Need to cancel?

Just email us within 48 hours of the event. We ask that you find a substitute within 48 hours to help us out