Jan 8, 2015

What Does a Partner Do?

What can a partner do to serve our clients? Here is a list of some of the ways people help us. Let us know which item you're interested in and we'll get started! Contact us.

St. Edward's University City-Data.com

  • University/Seminary Organization
    • Start or join our campus organization (Friends of Street Youth at UT). We also need a student chapter at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - APTS, Concordia and St. Edwards!
    • Publicize and host an end of semester collection drop-off for needed items. We'll cross promote the event to help get traction.
    • Table for us on campus to raise awareness . We'll cross promote your event!
    • Host our participation at volunteer event in the spring or fall. We'll cross promote to get lots of people out.

  • Near Campus
    • Let us use a room once a week.
    • Partner with us for a Christian film screening.

  • In Austin
  • City of Austin, TX City-Data.com
    • Do a drive for needed items at your place and deliver them.
    • Direct self-starting volunteer to our opportunities and let them report back to your group.
    • Invite us to speak to your group.
    • Be a public drop-off site and deliver items once a month.
    • Host one of our service projects.
    • Help us connect clients with your worship and discipleship studies by designating a connector or two that we can contact.

  • Anywhere
    • Agree to cross promote one blog or social media posting per week; we'll reciprocate!
    • Do a drive for high-value but low weight/volume needed items and ship them to us.
    • Agree to host 2 or more of the following links on your web, indicating that you're a partner. We'll reciprocate by listing you on our web, too!
    • Agree to publish one of our blogs in your newsletter quarterly. We'll cross promote your publication in return!
    • Promote our internship with appropriate students as one option for preparing for ministry. If you screen for interested students, we will contact them and discover if the internship is right for them.  We also will cross-link to your organization in return!