Mar 6, 2015

Amplify Austin Ends Today March 6, 2015 At 6 PM

Amplify Austin is a 24-hour giving day from 6pm Thursday, March 5, to 6pm Friday, March 6, 2015. Go to AmplifyATX. You can click the donate button and create a cart for payment once you're ready.

Donations this year for SYM will go to fund a one-on-one mentor evening. We have long wanted to offer this event, but now we believe we have sufficient interest from clients, volunteers, and have gained experience to guide it successfully.

Volunteers willing to meet at least twice a month will be paired with clients who want to do the same. They will engage in a mentoring time. Clients will choose a topic for mentoring from:

  • discipleship, 
  • small group leadership, 
  • academic subject mentoring for GED, 
  • high school or college, 
  • planning and goal setting, or 
  • a hobby to share and learn.

By providing a regular venue and time, we will provide a healthy structure for volunteers to know, love, and serve our clients as they work to better themselves. In addition, we will use a portion of the supplies to fund a self-expression newspaper. Clients will be invited to contribute drawing, poetry, or stories. The publication will be produced periodically and offered as an insert in the Challenger Newspaper, online, and by clients themselves.