Apr 7, 2015

30 Days of Goals during Lent 2015

We want to give Jesus praise for the following: In the last 30 Days, these things have happened for our clients. We don't claim the credit. Only our clients and do that! There were 49 sub-goals related to adding more stability into client's lives! Wow!
  • 18 clients have obtained jobs, 
  • 18 people have moved into housing,
  • 4 people have achieved new sobriety milestones,
  • 4 people have openly accepted Jesus into their hearts and 2 now attend church regularly, and
  • 0 clients are currently enrolled in school and studying!

Client often wonder and ask directly "What do you want from me," partly as a response to the acceptance they feel from us. There must be a catch, right? We answer without apology, "When you want it, we are praying for more stability in your life, more sobriety for you, reconnecting with God, and finding a faith community to call home."  These are the four areas of goals we monitor. We have each one broken down into many sub-goals that are common needs for our clients. It's so awesome to get to celebrate achievement and accomplishment. Some are small, one step-at-a-time changes, and others are huge accomplishments. We're proud of them all!

Please consider joining our prayer team. You can sign-up anytime. Team members receive one short prayer request made by a client about every 3 or 4 weeks. We try to share the prayer request within 24 hours of receiving it. It's an awesome way to help!