May 7, 2015

Two Prayers from a Client

Heard From A Client Today
He's recovering from what drove him to the street. He and his fiancee expect a baby soon. He's employed, pays his rent, has a vehicle and pays insurance. He's sober and has a relationship with God. He and his fiancee go to a "small old-timey church down the road."

Here's the deal. This client was as much a handful as any client ever was. One day close to us and cool, the next day pushing us away with all his might, emotions, words and actions. Drugs were involved. Anger was involved. Legal issues were involved. Some would say it was hopeless. But somehow, God's message of love got through anyway and changed everything.

One day he simply left the street. There was no celebration or goodbye or plan. He simply realized he had enough. He accepted help from places he said he would never accept help from. He turned to God in ways he said he would never be able to do. He grew in ways he believed impossible.

Today he called to pray for me. He prays that the ministry will always find a way to be there for people who need it. Hard people. Difficult people. People who are not sure about where they are or need to be going. And that we will have the right tools to be there for them.

I asked how I could be praying for him, he said, "I need focus." Focus to maintain what I've done and to do it for the right reasons--for God and for my baby coming in a few months. I'm not perfect and I get off track. I pray for focus so I can stay right.

Two awesome prayers from a young man that no one would even recognize today. May God bless him in his journey. May God use his past and his experiences in ways we cannot even begin to imagine, to make God's Kingdom on earth richer, more real, and more relevant here and now.