Jul 14, 2015

Animal Trustees of Austin (ATA)

SYM clients may receive free well-care at ATA (e.g., shots, de-worming, chipping).
You may also have your animal spayed or neutered. They do not normally do any type
of sick-care (e.g., surgery, broken legs, PARVO treatment), but they have been known
to do so occasionally. They are not an animal ER. They occasionally have dog care items
to give away (carriers, leashes, collars, etc.).

ATA's primary purpose is a spay and neuter clinic. They will likely ask to spay/neuter
before treating your animal. They may refuse treatment if you don't agree. We have
someone to call in that case, but you'll have to explain your reasons for refusing spaying/neutering. Call Gabrielle at (505) 490-1096 if you have any problems.

What you need:
Nothing if you look homeless and just need their regular services. No ID required.
ATA has a sign in their waiting room that says they provide well-care to dogs and cats
of all homeless people. If you want to identify yourself as our client, you can take one
of our business cards, signed by Terry, as proof. You can also get a letter from Lifeworks
if you are under 24 for the same purpose. Please do let them know that you're a client of
SYM and be nice. It helps future kids seeking service.

Where to go:

The address is 5129 Cameron Rd. They are at 51st and IH-35, just on the east side of IH-35.
Dogs can't ride our metro bus, but the best bus from the Drag is the 37 or the UT Shuttle
Bus CR. There are two doors for ATA: the vet side and the spay/neuter clinic side.

Map: http://www.animaltrustees.org/contact/map

Here's what it looks like:

When to go:
It's best to call before you go: (512) 451-9355 wellness clinic. (512) 450-0111 for
spay/neuter clinic. Hours: Mon-Sat, 10-6.

The spay/neuter clinic takes in animals at 8am returns them in the afternoon. You
need to schedule spaying/neutering by phone, online, or in person.

What to Expect:
If you are kind and ask for what you need, you are likely to get it. If you are gruff,
the volunteers at the desk can be less than understanding. They deal with more local
than street youth business but they have tried to educate their staff people about how
you love your animals, treat your animals and care for your animals. However, they are
not experts in street life so they may not understand everything they see or hear about
street life.

If you need something special, ask for Gabrielle. She has done the most to understand
street youth and their animals. She has been out many times on the street, taken photos
of street youth with their pets, and does a lot to help out. Ask for her or leave a message
for her to let her know how they helped. Again, this helps future kids get good service!