Jul 28, 2015


An update from Darvin.

Last Saturday, I came across “Jack” after I had finished for the day and was about to go home. Jack was a “seeker”, who'd been going to different houses of worship, studying books of different religions and comparing them, to find which one was the true one. 

We talked a little bit, and I told Jack that Christianity was not a religion in the usual sense. It's about personal relationship with Christ, and not about our efforts to be accepted by God by trying to “be good”. 

Personally, I found it really curious that many people were turning away from these religions to Christ in Indonesia, and yet, in the States, some were becoming more interested in other religions.

If I remembered correctly, Jack used to be active in Christian ministry when he was a teenager. Pray that Jack will renew the personal relationship he has with Christ as His Lord & Savior, who died because none of us can “be good” and get to heaven through our own effort.

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