Jul 14, 2015

SYM College Textbook Program

SYM provides college textbooks for its clients who are attending school. The requirements are outlined in the application form. We highly recommend our Austin Community College. We have had many students there. We also have had clients at UT. Transferring after you get all your credits at ACC is a great strategy.

Where To Go
Visit us at  408 W 23rd St Basement, Austin TX 78705

What you Need
You must be a client of SYM. That means you attend their events. You must be a student in good standing for financial aide and you must be registered. Proof is required in the form of screen shots. You need access to the internet and a text number and email (you need these anyway for school). 

What to Expect
You will fill out the form for each book you need. By doing this you are helping with the legwork. We buy USED books whenever possible over the internet. For scientific and math books, we don't by international editions. For liberal arts books, we will consider international editions if the price is right. We try to get delivery of the books within 3 weeks of your request. You will need to arrange a meeting with Terry to pick up the books outside of other ministry events. You are expected to share your grades with Terry after the class. You are expected to sell your books wisely after the class and use the funds for the next classes, if possible. Fraudulent use of the program results in suspension.

visit us at http://www.streetyouthministry.org/client for more information