Dec 30, 2015

A light will shine for her

We hold a Christmas party for our street youth every year, and this year the theme was centered on the four Advent candles, representing Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. This client, who recently shook off an addiction, loves purple and has praying that God make her spirit that color. She now thinks about prayer more often. And here, she takes the purple candle of Hope and lights the white candle of Peace with it. She now prays regularly and never misses Bible study! She is figuring out her future.

We’ve heard from many other clients who are doing the same. We’re just a small local ministry, yet we see national and world issues reflected in our clients’ lives every day. Loving our clients unconditionally is why SYM is here all year – no matter who they are, what has been done to them, or what they are doing.