Mar 8, 2016

Old Shoes, New Hope

Have shoes you no longer need? Sharing them can make a difference in someone’s life. For delivery instructions, go to dropoff.StreetYouthMinistry.

A 19-year-old homeless traveler wearing flip-flops approached us, saying “I haven't been able to find shoes.” A few minutes later, we were walking together to the SYM office to look through donated shoes. On the way, we got to know Gage a bit and asked "How can we be praying for you?" He deflected with "I'm good." In the office he tried on shoes and found a pair that fit. As we kept building trust, Gage shared his dream of going to college. We gave advice on how to go to ACC using grants available to him. Gage got excited! As he turned to leave, we asked again about a prayer request. This time he said, “Help to forgive my father.” We talked about forgiveness and God's role in it. Within a month, Gage was in class and getting counseling for his anger! This spiritual and practical ministry was possible because volunteers take time to donate practical adult shoes they no longer need.

For delivery instructions, go to