Mar 8, 2016

When all else fails, you just stand

If missionaries could reach everyone with the good news of Jesus’ grace and love, our jobs would be easy. But sometimes we cannot. Recently, at the end of a cold and rainy day, a friend led a young man, new to the streets, to see me. He was looking for a safe place to spend the night; as I laid out several options, he found reasons to decline each one. He didn’t look like an addict, but I could tell he was affected by a mental condition. I asked about his family and friends. His mother was dead, he was estranged from his dad, and his sisters lived out of state. He considered his friends “evil.” I asked about his faith, and he identified as a Christian but doubted he was truly a beloved child of God. We prayed together for safety, deliverance, comfort and guidance. He finally thanked me and left, intending to call a friend who offered him a tent. I prayed that he stay safe, find a way to surrender and accept grace, find the peace that surpasses all understanding. It was all I could do as we just stood, in the cold and the rain.

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