Dec 2, 2019

Defining our life purpose

   Toward the end of my “conversation” with Powder, I saw words that concerned me yet left me with hope. He’s still “struggling,” he said, but “I’m still not that old yet, and there’s still time.” In my final reply, I sought to leave some thoughts that would carry him over to the next time we connected, or beyond. Here’s what I wrote:
   “If I had heard you say that “you don’t know” when you’re 18 or 19, I would’ve responded, ‘That’s OK. You’re not supposed to know yet.’ I think your life has purpose, but that purpose is probably not defined by what you do to earn money or to relax.

   “I think that purpose is probably defined by the relationships you have in your life and what you do with them: being kind, being patient, seeking peace, instilling hope, loving others, etc. And I bet you still don’t know all the answers to that question -- and it’s still OK. I’m sorry for the angst and more along your path, but I don’t even know that you started out on the wrong path. It led to here, and it leads into the future. So perhaps it was the right one all along.”
   We likely have this type of impact on our clients with our guidance counseling every day and don't yet know it. Our journeys in life are filled with people who matter to us and people to whom we matter. Sometimes we don't even know it. This Advent and Christmas, enjoy the journey and enjoy the people around you. You never know who you will be making a difference to!
   Thank you for supporting SYM and being a part of making a difference!

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