Jul 22, 2011

The Humbling River (a poem)

The Humbling River

Against its might, as individuals, we are helpless to this river. It's a constant current, we must work quickly; build a stable foundation to cross.

2 persons may build a raft, but this will not withstand the rage of the river.
23 people could build a boat sturdy enough to cross, but they would
not have enough storage for food.
46 people can built a boat fit to carry food. 23 will be left behind.
69 people can create the boat that carries its entire people, food, water 
 and supplies across to the other side
69, is the representation the ever outward spiraling yin and yang.

Imagine if 7 billion people could find a way to help one another. Food,
education, and clothes not a single person excluded.
We could explore other planets, solar systems, 
 reaching out to the galaxy.

This is a poem written by a young street-dependent client, Matthew Hudgins, and shared with you by permission. Matt has a 16-page draft of a children's book he hopes to finishing editing, illustrate and publish one day soon. Enjoy!

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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