Feb 3, 2012

The Power of Being Intentional

I often regret not having time to write our incarcerated clients. A friend recently asked me if I knew anyone in jail he could help as part of his weekly charities, so I jumped on his offer. Since I’ve been asking the street youth if people are in jail or the hospital, it’s led to spontaneous prayer on more than one occasion! They want to pray for their friends in jail to change. They want to pray for their friends on the street not to do things that put them in jail. They want to pray for a legal system to treat them as fairly as their more monied citizens. It's been awesome to experience. So, thanks to my friend who proposed a specific way to help the ministry, freed me from one more thing to do or to worry over not doing, and opened up a brand new conversation and response among the clients!  If you could do your dream volunteer job, what would that be for you?  Leave us a comment.

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