Aug 6, 2012

Sacrificial Giving

This wonderful feedback was given to us by a regular donor. We so appreciate hearing how and why our donors give and what it means to them. This particular donor used to volunteer locally but moved away to a more northern climate. Now that it's so hot in Austin, I thought people might like to hear her story of how she's involved from "up north" where things are cooler.


"I really enjoy reading your newsletters and hearing the stories of the people you are helping, I think it is wonderful how much the ministry has grown in the past two years!


All of my donations came from proceeds from selling at our farmer's market last year. I sold homemade bread and peas that I grew in my garden. Actually I make some of my own cheese now, too, which I thought was funny remembering the comment someone made about my homemade sandwiches. We have dairy goats and chickens and dogs that pull sleds for us in the winter. I still don't have a job, and, of all the things I imagined myself doing when I "grew up", this wasn't it; however it was something I'd always dreamed of as a child. I hope you have the opportunity to pass that message on to the people you work with - to not give up on their dreams, the dreams that God plants in their hearts."


Share your story of giving below.  


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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