Sep 27, 2012

Making Birthday Sundaes


For many years, I have been blessed with a birthday tradition. It began about 7 years ago on my birthday. I decided to only do things I enjoy on my birthday and to try to celebrate my birth week. One of the things that I get to do during my birth week is make Ice Cream Sundaes for street youth. It's a really fun tradition. And they have signed tee-shirts for me. I have one for each year that goes back all those years. There are names on the shirt that have recovered. There are a few names on the shirt that have passed away. And there are a lot of names from people I probably won't ever see again. But I got to make them a Sundae on my birthday and to serve them, love them, and enjoy getting to know who they are.


The story behind the making Sundae's is this. I found that street youth don't celebrate their birthday in healthy ways. So I decided to share my birthday with them. I serve them by making Sundae's individually, one at a time, and with whatever mixed up pile of toppings, whip cream, and cherries they like. I remind them and myself: "I may not be able to fix anything. I probably can't really fix anything. But I CAN fix YOU a Sundae anyway you like it today! Happy My Birthday!"


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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