Oct 3, 2012

Amazing Prayer Time

I hope you don't get tired of me saying I love our prayer time. It remains my favorite time of the week. And it appears that the Holy Spirit likes to be in attendance, too. On a recent Monday, we had a near perfect prayer time. We had about 12 clients sitting all around the room very peacefully.


We began as usual sharing ideas about what prayer is. Then we began praising God by finishing the sentence, "God is _____." Then we moved into thanksgiving. Their answers didn't betray that anything was unusual yet. Then we started with the dialogue part, telling God what's going on with "me." After a bit, I had the idea to change it to, "God is doing _____ in my life." Their answers showed a great understanding of the presence of God in their lives. I was blown away. So I changed the confessional piece to "I get in God's way when I _______." I was reduced to tears by theirs honest and vulnerable answers about the troubles and struggles in their lives. They know what is right and wrong. They need encouragement and someone to believe they can be right and good.


I am so thankful for all those who support us in ministry, because it is a real privilege to be able to say, "You're right. I believe you can do that and it really matters!"


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