Oct 25, 2012

Small Prayer Times

Our clients gather once a week for prayer time. It's usually the highlight of my week. Sometimes we have big crowds, but my favorite are when we just have a few participants.  When it's small, we can spend more time on each phase of our bidding prayer. First we think about what is prayer, who God is, and what we are thankful for. Then we name what's going on in our lives and how we get in God's way (sin). Then we ask God to get involved in our lives in particular ways. Then we pray for friends, family and others.


Street youth often have trouble connecting with what they want. They've been so disappointed by others, by themselves and by "the system" that they just don't dare to hope. "I lost my hopes and dreams a long time ago, Terry. Now all I want to do is numb out and not hurt anymore." We create a safe place where they can be vulnerable, supportive of one another, and give voice to what they want. Sometimes their prayers are not big. Sometimes they are so big I can hardly imagine them. But by daring to dream, they open up the door to the possibility of faith in God! And that's a great place to start any change.


We often have UT students or volunteers who drop-by. And you are invited, anytime! No reservation is needed to come by our prayer time. It's 11-12 every Monday at Campus House of Prayer. Address and map can be found at http://www.streetyouthministry.org/contact-us/service-locations


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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