Nov 2, 2012

7 Promises by Jeremy James Grant

This poem comes from a client, written a couple of years ago (Tuesday, September 28, 2010). He shared it at our prayer time:


Men can make promises but they're sometimes hard to keep. 

When they're broken; a lot like children, we sometimes tend to weep.

If your tired of being let down, and thinking no-one could ever care.

This would be selfish of me if I decided not to share.

There are 7 promises, that only one is able to make.

Unlike man, his promises, he will never break.

With faith and endurance, we must choose to obey.

So his promises will be kept, and we can receive someday.


His First promise is to supply us with everything we need.

Love, Food and Shelter, seems to be everything indeed!


Second, he promised us His grace, and it would be sufficient for us all.

Even when we stumble, or encounter a disastrous fall.


Third; that temptation will not overtake his children; Brother can you say Amen?

That means, if we make mistakes, we are still his children til the end.


Fourth; He promised us victory and life over what is called death.

Soon, all the pain and suffering will be put to sudden rest.


Fifth; He promised that good things will happen, if we faithfully Love and Serve Him.

We must change our direction and  separate ourselves from sin.


Sixth; That if we believe in his Son, we shall be saved.

For He shed his blood upon the cross, for His Father, He chose to obey.


The last promise is the most amazing; He promised us eternal life!

We will live forever, without pain, suffering and strife.


How could we not obey with promises such as these?

Anyone can get them from murderers, mobsters, to thieves.

We are all his children, some choose to go astray.

I believe through this poem, He is calling you back today.

Open your hearts and accept Him, He has already accepted you.

This is a promise from me now, the Word will prove it to be true.


"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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