Nov 10, 2012

Running on Fumes and Filling Your Tank

Some days ago we were doing some Christian counseling with a client over anger. We're very proud of this client. Great strides are being made.


Someone recently said something mean to this client and the client became angry. This scared the client. For one of the first times, I saw a client who owned being hurt: "That person really hurt me with what they said. And it made me angry." They controlled their anger. I reminded them, "You did a great job. You didn't lose control because of your anger. What a change!" I asked, "Can you tell me some reasons you didn't lose control?" Here is what the client said:


o First, I could see where it would lead. I'd do this. He'd do that. Then I'd do that. And I don't want to go there. 

o Second, I have new strength from Jesus Christ to resist hate and evil.


I commended his new skills. He can look ahead now and choose whether he wants to go down a road directed by anger or not. And he is able to allow Jesus Christ to fill his gas tank of life. And when something comes along to make some of it leak away--and something always comes along to steal some of our gas, he now has enough in his bucket that he doesn't run out of gas. The fuel tank of his life is now Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! May he never run on fumes again such that anger controls his life. May he always stop to refuel frequently. May he never run out of gas again on his road of life! Amen.



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