Jun 10, 2013

Grateful Message from a Recovering Client

We try hard to keep up with recovering clients and clients who are not in Austin. We use email, Facebook, and SMS message. We got this voice message today from a client who's working and reached out to us with a prayer request in frustrating few days...

Hey Terry, I'm on my break, so I only have a few more minutes. But I just want to give you a call and tell you thank you so much. Because every single time my faith seems to start to waiver--and things get too much, you remind me of Who I need to turn to. And I really appreciate that Terry. And I really appreciate you. Thank you for everything you do for the street kids, and thank you for everything you did for me when I was on the street. Thank you for all that you do. We ALL appreciate you so much. Alright. Bye.

We love to hear from clients! Drop us a line on FB, by text, or by email. 

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