Sep 3, 2013

Why Greeters and Hospitality/Helper Volunteer's Matter

We ask that every one of our events have at least two greeters or hospitality helpers. Some have wondered why. We'll try to explain the benefits to our clients by YOU being present for them.

First, we try to get friendly greeters. Your smile and laughter mean a lot to our clients. You taking time to show-up for them speaks volumes. It speaks in a voice and a currency that we alone cannot match. It says, "I took time today to try to get to know you a bit and help you out today."

Second, you're a visitor to our event. We run each event weekly and try to make them pretty much the same from week to week so that everyone knows what to expect. We challenge our clients, and it's not unusual for a first time client to be unable to do everything we offer them the chance to share: prayer, asking about God, talking about Christian experiences, working on options, etc. As a visitor, you often bring a little variety into each event. It's very welcome and they look forward to who might come today. 

Third, you help our clients with your presence. Everyone acts differently when a visitor comes into their home. The same thing happens at our events. Just by being present, you help everyone give their very best behavior.

Forth, you allow me to focus on clients. Greeters and hospitality helpers focus on the room, the food, getting people settled, requests. Terry is free therefore to focus on how each client is today, giving those who might need more attention, checking in with those we know to be struggling, and encouraging those we know to be gaining ground.

Your role as a helper is crucial. And so is the role of intern. Please prayerfully consider signing-up today. You can pick a spot or you can sign-up to be available for monthly assignments.

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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