Dec 11, 2013

Cold Weather Miracle

A miracle happened last Thursday evening.

Even as we loaded up our last sweaters and coats and blankets to give out on the street, a small group from Austin Stone called to help serve in the cold. What a blessing to have their help!

We served 26 of our clients that night, and everyone managed to find what they needed; despite us not having very much to start with. It left us critically low and still facing multiple freezing weather days in the forecast (not to mention the fact that it's only early December)!

But at the same time supporters and volunteers from Austin Ridge, Covenant Presbyterian, NW Jazzercise, Cub Scout Pack 459, and Lavernia, TX were at work. 

The supporters and volunteers dropped off collections of blankets, coats, jackets, sweaters and sleeping bags that filled up "the sleigh" to overflowing.

We were ready for tomorrow and the weekend!

A M A Z I N G !