Dec 9, 2013

Encouragement from a Recovering Client

One of our recovering clients has one of the the best wits I know. I love following his observations of life on his Facebook page. He has such a great ability to see the comedy in everyday life.

He recently was sharing how disturbed he was about terrible things a self-proclaimed Christian was doing in this world. This resulted in a flame contest with one of his followers as Facebook conversations that involve guns, politics, or religion are apt to go.

I was very proud to see him explain that people of faith, and of no faith, have all done terrible things. And that many people of faith do wonderful things. And many people of no faith do wonderful things, too. It's common sense, but it's not a common sense that you find all that commonly today; in this extreme and polarized world.

He also said, "One of my good friends, Terry Cole, runs a youth ministry that helps homeless youth, and he was a great help to me."

We are proud of this recovery client. 

He works, pays rent, pays taxes and gives to organizations that help others. He got: clean, stable, and married. He's an asset to the city he lives in. He may have little, but he follows his empathy and compassion to give of himself, and part of what he works hard to earn to help others.

We pray for many more recovery clients. 
We're very proud of you all. 
You're so strong and 
so amazing
We pray the world sees how much 
you have to offer 
and that you 
become a blessing 
for many people.