Dec 21, 2013

Do you see what I see?

I got a phone call from a client named “Tommy” in the evening. He started, "Something strange is happening on the Drag." I braced myself as Tommy continued, "I want you to see what I see! I think really good things may happen soon." 

My client is not the first to have asked me "Do you see what I see?" About two years ago, a pastor from a church on the Drag once informed me that he had come upon a group of clients praying. Someone had just gone to the hospital, and a group was sitting and praying, some distressed and crying and others leading a prayer. The pastor had never seen this before.

All the credit goes to God's glory, but we began teaching our clients how to pray every week almost four years ago. We also placed emphasis on taking prayer requests from them and sharing them with prayer warriors. We have poured countless hours into nurturing their prayer lives so they feel comfortable sharing with God... their needs, the good times, the bad times, and the ugly. And God has changed their lives.

A pastor that I meet with for supervision remarked during one of our sessions, "I have to stop and simply give praise that the street youth have become a praying community." It was a very promising sign. Do you see what I see? Tommy's news promised to be even better!

Tommy said, "People are talking about Jesus tonight. I don't mean preachers. I mean that street youth are talking to each other about Him!" 

Many street youth have come to Christ over the years. We know because they write to us from wherever they have settled down and tell us about their successes and transformation. But lately, we've seen clients come to know Christ on the street.

Again, all the glory goes to God. Many people work with street youth in their daily lives and it is always our goal to get them plugged into local churches. The people we have poured into for years have become saved!

But even more is going on. I want you to see what I see! There are at least five clients who are regularly going to local churches and sharing their faith on the street. 

  • One is a Saul-to-Paul story of intense persecution of Christians until his conversion.
  • Another is a story of black-arts magician to Christian. 
  • One was a drug-crazed person constantly going to jail and now is totally transformed.
  • Another is the story of a shy young lady who could barely speak in public now sharing her faith openly. 
  • And Tommy is a man healed, once crippled by mental health issues and now fully in love with God and loving others. 

God has met each of these people with his transforming power. Oh the joy of seeing what I see!

And fruit has begun to multiply. I couldn't be more excited that these people are taking their street friends with them on Sunday, and helping them receive the Gospel. At least one more has been baptized through their work (and is now away at a rehab). Another has renewed her faith and joined them in spreading the Gospel.

Do you see what I see? I can hardly believe my eyes! It is so wonderful to see the strength of these young people turned into Gospel tools for His Kingdom. 

Thank you so much for being a part of this!