Jan 15, 2014

Hearing from a Retired Traveler Client

I recently got a nice note from a recovering client that is no longer in the Austin area. He gave me permission to share his status. 

I love to do that because I want everyone to know the inspiring stories of our clients!
Hey Terry!

I am doing alright. I stopped traveling, and I went to rehab for my alcohol and heroin addiction. I am in recovery now and have been clean for 4 months. I have a job working at a dog day care in Charlotte, I have a car, and I stay with my brother. I'm going to start school in May or June for my AA then transfer to a four year program. I am going to major in sociology, and my focus is going to be in counseling at-risk-youth and substance abuse counseling.

I hope everything is going well in Austin. If I never said it... Thank you for all the kindness you showed myself and the other travelers.

We love hearing from clients, no matter where they are, or how they are doing!