Jan 23, 2014

We Follow Our Clients!

We are not meaning to be creepy! 

We follow our clients to continue our relationship with them.

We follow our clients through Facebook, or email, or via the telephone. 

We have volunteers who write to our clients. We have written letters to them in jail. 

The volunteers use special stationary that has helpful advice on the back of the stationary for street youth. 

The advice assists them while they are in jail and when they get out of jail.

Here are comments from one of our volunteers:
"What a magnificent testament to the love and persistence of our Christ, to hear from [Tim] during his journey of faith. I know that you did incredible good works in his life when he was living on the streets of Austin, and by the grace of God, it would seem that the seeds you scattered may be growing into something miraculous.
It is definitely remarkable, the complex mosaic of people and experiences the Lord uses to point us toward Him.
I am honored and blessed by the opportunity you have created through SYM, allowing me to play a small part in serving as Christ called us to serve.
I know our Father is going to do more amazing things through [Tim] and through you as you continue to reach out to others on the street.
Thank you for what you do."