Jan 21, 2014

My First Christmas Moment of 2013

A worship moment full of movement, sight, and sound gave me my first Christmas moment last year! 

A dancing liturgist, a young girl, brought in the advent flame, while a beautifully haunting first verse of "O Come Emmanuel" echoed in the sanctuary, sang by a young man. 

The youth choir (Journey) formed in front and was joined by more dancing liturgists--this time mature church ladies, as if to affirm the ceremony--who offered their flame up to God on each chorus' "Rejoice! Rejoice!" from the youth. 

All crowded to the alter at the final chorus and knelt before the cross. 

To see so many young people knowingly kneeling before a sovereign Lord in the presence of those who have walked with Christ for years brought joy to my heart and tears down my cheeks. There was much that I anticipated and prepared for the Advent. 

Hoping that your journey to Christ-mass last year, was full of rich moments.

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Christian Graphics