Apr 10, 2014

Blankets On March 27th?

Funny story about blankets. 

A couple weeks ago, a wonderful volunteer from San Antonio asked me if we wanted blankets. She had the ability to save some blankets from being disposed. They were bailed in huge bundles of 25 blankets. How many did I want? 

She wouldn't be coming to Austin for a while, so it would be the end of March before I would get them, so who would want any? But three bundles represented about $750 in money that donors or volunteers would not need to contribute next year, so I said yes to 75 blankets.

She bought them to me on a very hectic day, and I could not take them straight to storage. So I had them in my truck when I went to a meeting with a local church to celebrate the end of Cold Weather efforts in Austin for 2013-2014.

Following the evening celebration, I walked back to my truck. There was a client I hadn't seen in a long time; asleep by my truck. He had fallen asleep waiting for me. He had been looking for a blanket all week; since losing his job and being back on the street again. He saw that we had them and he waited.

We caught up as we pulled a blanket from the bundle (without breaking the straps so the bundle still could be efficiently stored until next winter). 

It was fun telling him how God had provided for him through the actions of so many; even starting before he even lost his job. 

And who knew that I would need yet another blanket on March 27th?!