Apr 8, 2014

Note From A Cold Weather Partner

We received the note below from one of our cold weather partners. 

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It was our joy [to come out and help with SYM's Cold Weather Response again this year,] and honestly this gets easier every time.  Cool thing is that most of the folks who came this time had never been and at least a couple of them are fired up to do more.
[One person] spoke to me on Sunday about she and [a friend] wanting to do more, particularly helping to organize the clothing storage for you.  I asked her to contact you directly about it, and then let me know what y'all work out and we would announce it to the greater congregation to solicit more help if needed.
The teenagers that came are also up for engaging some more this spring or summer.  Maybe we can do another wash day mid-May?

We Continue to pray for you and the precious ones you live to love.