Jun 24, 2014

Terry Cole: An Introduction to an Interview

Part of An Interview by Lael Weatherby, March 15, 2014

"They really want the same things we want. They may have different ways of expressing it, but they want the same things." Terry Cole

Terry Cole started Street Youth Ministry in 2008. While working as a successful electrical engineer, he did an internship with Lifeworks, another street youth support group. Afterwards, he quit his job and started a ministry program to help street youth (meaning high school-college age) become stable.

Terry helped street youth in many different ways. Many of them gave up drugs; moved into houses; got jobs; but, even more important to Terry, they devoted their life to God. Terry’s entire street youth program is about getting kids to stable places, of course, but also about connecting with God and knowing that God will always love them no matter what.

My dad knew Terry Cole because he was a good friend of his and helped with him and his street youth. He was the one who suggested Terry for the interview. I liked the idea, but I wasn't sure what to ask him about. 

But, I realized that there are lots of interesting subjects that I could ask him about, and he had even more interesting answers.