May 31, 2015

50 Sandwiches

Street Youth Ministry of Austin serves between 80 – 100 street-dependent youth every week. While we focus on helping these kids spiritually, food is also an important aspect of our ministry. This is because many of the street youth believe that nobody cared about them. Some of them may also think many Christians and churches have rejected them, and are very unfriendly toward them in general.

Due to some bad experiences in the past, some of these youth may also put on a tough act like, “I-don't need-any-help, I-can-take-care-of myself”, but in general most of them are really happy to accept an offer of food, like sandwiches, when they are hungry.

The sandwich that we offer makes a big difference, because it shows that Christ is showing His love for the street youth through the believers, and it's also a great way to begin a conversation with the youth. 

Oftentimes, we get to know the street youth better, and build trust and relationships by talking with them for a few minutes. And some become receptive when we invite them to our Bible study or prayer meeting. They also may trust us enough to share some of the personal issues or prayer requests. Through those personal issues and prayer requests, we see God working in their lives, and turning their hearts toward Him.

It would be great for us to partner together in this ministry, since the job is too big for one single ministry or church to tackle alone. We usually need 50 sandwiches every week, and these do not take too much effort for a group of believers to prepare and deliver. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to be the extension of His hands on Austin's Guadalupe Street?