Jun 2, 2015

Summer Wash Night Event

Hello,  my name is Stephen!
"This summer, the ministry has a great need for volunteers that would like to help us host our "wash night" event. Wash night is when we gather together at our neighborhood's laundry mat at 24th and San Gabriel (with permission of the business owner).
During this event, our volunteers have an opportunity to help serve our clients in a very meaningful way: by helping them wash their clothes.

On the streets, our clients typically don't have many opportunities to wear clean clothes as a result of their situation, and having clean laundry makes a really big impact in self esteem. Our volunteers usually like to provide a small meal to our clients while they wait for their clothes to wash, and this is also a great fellowship opportunity to offer prayers.

As I am typing this, we don't have anyone signed up to help us hold this event for the summer. We are unable to hold this event without help, so let us know if you feel up to it!"