May 11, 2016

How to Pray for Our Clients


Pray that pregnant moms take good care of themselves and the developing baby. Pray that they quickly begin to make plans for a stable home for themselves and the baby. Pray they feel they have many options and not at a dead-end. Pray for the fathers to make plans to become stable providers. Pray that mom and dad decide to form a stable relationship for the baby's sake. Two are much stronger than one. Pray that parents see God's provision for them constantly before their eyes.The following prayer points will help you pray for our clients anytime. These issues and needs almost always exist within our client base:

Pray that those who suffer from addiction to substances will take stock today in their lives and decide it's time for a positive change. Pray for those who don't yet want change to see how addiction affects them and those around them. Pray for those who want change to see that there are many options available for guidance and help. Pray for strength and perseverance for those making changes now. Pray for healing and wisdom for those who are working to maintain changes. Pray that those dealing with addiction see that God has never abandoned or left them.

Pray for those currently incarcerated. Pray that justice will come in God's good timing. Pray for access to chaplains  to peer Bible studies and prayer groups, and to Bibles. Pray that our letters reach them and that the life-affirming messages on the back of our letters are circulated to inmates and help safe lives in the dangerous transition from incarceration to freedom, especially those who come right back to the street. Pray that jail-house conversion is real and that changes they promise God and themselves stick once they enjoy additional freedom outside jail.

Pray that those who desire work can find willing and gracious employers to give them a chance. Pray that interpersonal skills grow quickly on the job to allow clients to keep jobs and thrive in the workplace. Pray for those that have given up to see new options in job counseling, job training and job placement partnerships that we suggest. Pray for patience to wait for that first paycheck. Pray for wisdom to use paychecks wisely. 

School and College:
Pray for clients ready to start to invest in themselves through education. Pray that they can made necessary changes in living situation, hygiene, drug use and friends to navigate transition to an academic environment. Pray that none are taken advantage of by some poor-intentioned private schools and trade schools that are only out to garner big paychecks by getting students to take loans out to pay tuition. Pray that clients take advantage of our textbook program so we can stay in touch with them through school.

Pray for healing and restoration for clients struggling with health. Pray for protection from Hepatitis C or HIV among those who are at risk. Pray for protection from staph infections. Pray for healing of bruises, breaks and gashes. Pray for access to dental care through partner programs. Pray for help for those who suffer liver-related illnesses and a good understanding of how to manage. Pray for proper care and diet management for for diabetics.

Pray that clients will keep an open mind about faith. Pray their past bad experiences with Christians, churches and religion will not block their ability to see God's provision for their life on a daily basis. Pray that their eyes will open to the value and benefits of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Faith Communities:
Pray that clients will have the courage to engage with local churches wherever they go. Pray that at each church, they meet someone who understands the value of faith and of personal relationship with Jesus. Pray that church members don't try to do too much but rather show the redemptive potential of the church and of community membership. Pray that boundaries and needs can be communicated clearly on both sides of the relationships.

Clients in Transition:
Pray for our clients who are in transition from street-dependence to stable living. Pray they make new friends, make new friends, and find new coping mechanisms. Pray they can honor old friends while not allowing street-friends to impose any habits or temptations on them that would drag them down. Pray that faith is a great strength for them.

Clients in Recovery:
Pray for our clients who are in recovery, having established stability and sobriety. Pray they continue to develop in faith. Pray they continue to put down deep roots into the community. Pray they develop many new assets to prevent an repetitive slip back into street-dependency. Pray they learn to use their new blessings to help others, giving back to help others. Pray they share their stories of recovery with us to we can share them with supporters and struggling clients as inspiration for all.