May 11, 2016

How to Pray for Our Ministry

  • Pray that each of our outreach events is safe and adequately supplied with volunteers, food, and non-food items helpful to clients. We are are ministry of relationship and not of "stuff." Help our clients to recognize this and and enjoy our relationship. Help Terry and volunteers to share an invitation to come to core events while reaching out on the street.
  • Pray that our core events is safe and staffed properly with at leave one volunteer and provisioned with food and non-food items. Pray that the Gospel message is featured well at each event. Pray that Terry is well prepared for each event. Pray that many come inside from the street to these authentic, transparent and fun event.
  • Pray that many clients seek out guidance from Terry. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides each session. Pray that we meet the client where they are and help activate gifts, strengths and talents inside each client.
  • Pray for the development of lay volunteer leaders who co-lead each of our events periodically. Pray for good training with Terry and pray that they are able to lead the ministry at least once a quarter when Terry is away on strategic retreat.
  • Pray for the financial provision of the ministry. Pray that each donor is blessed so they may bless the ministry. Pray that giving is a joy for each of them. Pray they might invite others into the support circle over time.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment of leaders. Pray for protection of daily staff and volunteers. Pray for strong relationship building with church, agency and community partners. Pray for good and clear communication all around the ministry.